IPTV Abonnement Netherlands

IPTV is a broadcast technology using Internet Protocol (IP) based networks instead of cable or satellite. It allows interactivity between the broadcaster and the viewer. The viewer can request specific TV shows, movies and news by submitting a request to the server over the Internet. This server can be located at a different network from the viewer, or at the same location as the viewer. This allows for a much more customizable TV service than what is offered by terrestrial, satellite and some cable television formats.

It also provides services such as video on demand (VOD), which permits a customer to browse an online media catalogue and watch trailers, then select a program for playback. This plays out nearly instantly on the customer’s PC or connected television. It also provides for time shifting of media, allowing the customer to watch TV programs broadcast hours or even days earlier than their original scheduled airing; and interactivity with the broadcaster via an IP multicast stream.

IPTV Abonnement Netherlands

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Various groups advocating their technologies for home entertainment, including the Multimedia over Coax Alliance, HomePlug Powerline Networking Alliance and Quasar alliance (Plastic Optical Fiber), have been formed to promote their respective technologies. The emergence of these groups has been partly motivated by the desire to add a new revenue generating service to existing broadband services, or reduce the cost of providing such services over traditional fixed line infrastructures.

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